A full-stack developer with loads of experience. 👍

I am a full-stack freelance developer and AWS consultant specialising in web and mobile apps and their supporting architecture, integrating with the latest AWS solutions.

Widely experienced, I have worked in the industry for 20 years including running a hosting company and a software development agency. I am AWS Certified and offer consultancy and freelance support in Macclesfield and Manchester.

Quick to understand and identify a solution, I provide a thorough service that delivers top results using the most appropriate technology.

0797 347 0928 hello@tomyates.co.uk


  • Mobile App Development
  • Bootstrap, Tailwind
  • ReactJS, Redux, React Native, Gatsby, Next, 11ty
  • Svelte, Vue
  • WebSockets, WebRTC
  • GreenSock Animation Platforn, Flash, AS3, Unity 3D, WebGL, BabylonJS, ThreeJS


  • Python, PHP, Node.js, TypeScript
  • MVC Frameworks, Yii, Symfony, Laravel
  • Serverless, BaaS, Lambda, MQTT, IaC
  • MySQL, NoSQL, DynamoDB
  • RESTful APIs, OAuth 2.0, JWT
  • ElasticSearch


  • Apache, Nginx, Tomcat
  • Amazon Web Services - Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, RDS, Lambda, API Gateway, SNS, CloudFront, S3, Route53, Rekognition, Amazon Polly, DynamoDB, IAM, VPC, AWS IoT, AppSync
  • Azure, cPanel/WHM
  • Terminal, Bash Scripts, C, Python, SSL, HTTPS, GitLab, Google Play Store, App Store


CrowdSurf - iOS App

Development of iOS app for CrowdSurf. A live-streaming app with user interaction.

Data obfuscation app for AstraZeneca

Development of NextJS site and AWS Lambda backend for AstraZeneca

Royal Foundation - Centre for Early Childhood

Development of site and infrastructure for the Duchess of Cambridge
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balance - menopause support

iOS and Android App. Rated 4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on App Store in the UK and recently won a Silver W3 Award.
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Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Visitor Guide

Development of mobile visitor experience served from a wireless access point on site at Thiepval, northern France.

clean air
Clean Air Greater Manchester

Development and infrastructure of Clean Air GM site for TfGM.

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Lee Jeans - Interactive video fit guide

Development mobile-first, multilingual, video fit guide for Lee Jeans.
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Invoice Companion
Museum interactive

Comic strip style adventure game for Premiership football club written in JS and HTML to work offline. Runs on a touchscreen kiosk in a football museum.

Invoice Companion
Investment fund analysis tool

Development of a fund analysis tool for global asset management firm. Built in React working closely with a small multi-national team containing UI, API and database specialists.

iOS / Android app

Internal app for Colt Technology Services. Integrated with Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory.

Invoice Companion
UI for crop imaging hardware

Multi stack development of UI and API running on NVIDIA Jetson in Docker. Custom webcam rendering using sockets and WebP. Worked remotely with hardware in laboratory.

Car parking appeals app
October 2018

Web app to ease the administration process of parking appeals. Uses completely serverless architecture and automates PDF generation, postal letters and electronic responses.

Sentric Music
August 2018

Complete development and deployment of a group of consumer sites for Sentric Music. Built in WordPress + ACF and hosted on Elastic Beanstalk with S3. Custom integration into admin systems.

react native
React Native mobile app
August 2018

Update of React Native app and API, followed by deployment to the Apple and Google app stores. Update allowed the display of a news banner with content based on devices location.

News site for Heathrow Aiport
June 2018

Complete development and deployment a magazine style news and information site for a large airport in the UK. Some nice bespoke elements and animated frontend fun.

Monthly maintenance and improvement contract
Early 2018

I maintain and improve a number of web sites and apps and look after deployment, code versioning and servers.

Touch-screen kiosk game
Early 2018

Touch-screen kiosk flag designer game for a museum. Uses HTML, JavaScript and canvas so it can run locally from a browser. Users design can be emailed via API.

Migration of "big data" app from MongoDB to DynamoDB
Early 2018

In-house re-writing a statistics dashboard and data structure to efficiently use DynamoDB rather than MongoDB. Created bash scripts for data migration.